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Tiger’s Blood

A ferocious combination of sweet strawberry and creamy coconut. This reimagined shave ice flavor will turn any dog owner into a cat person. Meee-ow!

Piña Coloda

The soft touch of coconut paired with the tangy punch of pineapple. If you like Piña Coladas, and not getting caught in the rain, you’ll love having our take on this classic cocktail ready and waiting in your freezer.

Mint Mojito

Refreshing lime and sweet mint married together in a harmonious nod to an old caribbean classic.

Blue Hawaiian

Say Aloha to the revitalizing blend of pineapple, tangy orange and a hint of creamy island coconut.

From the Kitchen
of an Iron Chef

We didn’t just spike a popsicle. Our goal was to create a premium frozen cocktail that tastes amazing. To accomplish this, we partnered with Viet Pham, an award winning chef, and winner of the 2012 Iron Chef by beating Chef Bobby Flay. Yeah that Bobby Flay. Viet’s refined palate and creativity created a portable frozen cocktail experience like none other.

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Healthy & Tasty

It's time for popsicles to grow up

  • Gluten Free
  • Cane Sugar
  • Premium Vodka
  • Calories
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